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Lantern Living 1

Welcome to the first edition of Lantern Living, a newsletter exclusively for the residents of Four Lanterns Estate!

We’ll be using this regular newsletter to keep you updated on estate news, events and activities. We’d also love to hear about any topics you’d like us to cover. If you have any suggestions, please email them to Neil Schwennessen (contact details at end of the newsletter).

In this first edition, we’d like to fill you in on all the details of the upcoming works at the estate. As you’ve no doubt heard, Camden Council recently granted development consent for a number of improvements, and work will be getting underway shortly. As well as constructing several new home sites, we will also be improving the estate’s facilities and aesthetics, which will boost the desirability of Four Lanterns Estate.

We’re sure you have many questions about the works and what they mean for you. Here’s everything you need to know:

What is proposed for the estate?

We will be constructing 28 new home sites on the estate. The new homes (numbered 103 to 130 on the attached plan) will be built on the northern side and north-western corner of the estate, where the current sewage-treatment plant and storage are located. The homes will be accessed via a new road, which will be constructed along the northern side of the estate from the end of the visitors’ car park.

We’ll also be constructing a new display home at the park entry, which you are welcome to come and inspect upon completion.

Sydney Water has recently constructed a new sewer main to the north of the estate and we plan to decommission the existing sewage treatment plant and connect the estate to the new sewer main.

Other upgrades include new, landscaped areas and community recreation areas, which we hope will enhance your enjoyment of life at the estate. The former manager’s residence and the amenities building will be removed, the maintenance shed will be moved, and a noise wall will be installed along the park’s eastern boundary (north of the entry) and part of the northern boundary.

What about access?

In order to minimise disruption to residents, the works area will be accessed directly from the driveway to the former manager’s residence.

Access will always be available through the front entry, although there will be times when the visitor car park and some parts of the road network will need to be closed to facilitate the works. However, please be assured that we will let residents know well in advance of any planned road closures or changes.

What other enhancements can we expect?

We will be lodging a Development Application shortly to extend the noise wall along the eastern boundary (south of the new park entry) to reduce traffic noise, and upgrade the front entry with new feature signage and lighting.

The removal of the sewage treatment plant and green waste stockpiles will improve the estate’s appearance, as well as reduce snakes, while the new noise wall will significantly reduce traffic noise.

As most residents were not in favour of creating a community club house, we will not be proceeding with this idea at this stage.

Will there be any impact to infrastructure or services?

As part of the assessment and approval process, we engaged professional consultants to prepare various reports and prepare concept plans to understand and assess the impact of the additional homes on local infrastructure and services. The reports included a Noise Impact Assessment, Odour Report, Site Contamination Investigation, Stormwater Management Strategy, Waste Management Plan, Wastewater Servicing Plans, Fire and Water Plans, Electrical Servicing Plan, Communications Serving Plan, and Sediment and Erosion Plan.

The reports and plans concluded that the site’s services are capable of accommodating the additional homes.

Endeavour Energy does, however, require the construction of a new substation and the installation of a new main electrical switchboard. These will be constructed in the open space behind house site 5.

There may be some minor disruption to services at times, but we will be work closely with contractors to ensure that residents are given plenty of notice on these occasions.

What is the anticipated timing?

The estimated time frames for construction are:

  1. Installation of the display home – March / April 2018
  2. Construction of new roads, services, decommissioning of the existing sewer-treatment plant – March 2018 to July 2018
  3. Delivery and installation of new homes – July 2018 to April 2019

Please note these are estimates only and subject to change.

What’s proposed for the storage facility?

During the works limited storage only will be available, at the completion of the works a new storage area will be created.

Thank You

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience during the construction period, and hope that you will enjoy the estate’s new and improved facilities upon completion.

If you have any further questions about the upcoming works, please don’t hesitate to contact your park manager:

Neil Schwennessen
email: [email protected]
phone: (02) 9606 5340